Head Wraps by GiGi

Head Wraps by GiGi are pre-tied headwraps for those who suffer from various forms of hair loss (cancer, alopecia, lupus); which just slip on like a cap! They are sold individually or as part of Cancer Cuties; a self-care box created to comfort patients experiencing hair loss.  During COVID-19 Head wraps by GiGi have not only served their purpose to the everyday consumer but most importantly to the essential workers in my community! As part of my brands social mission, 1 box per month is sent to a deserving cancer recipient: via a nomination process. 

Headwraps by GiGi provide a necessity that is two-fold, both functional and fashionable! My pre-tied, pre-fitted head wraps are for women and kids who suffer from various forms of hair loss as well as being worn by the everyday user for fashion! Whether its cancer, alopecia, lupus, etc.; we’ve got you covered, literally! Headwraps by GiGi, which are individually handmade, are for those who want to wear headwraps but just don’t know how to tie them. This mission is also personal to me because in 2005 my 27 year old cousin was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Although I was unaware at the time as to the significance of having both of her breast removed at such a young age, as I began my headwrap journey she shared with me how she was consistently cold (especially due to her bare scalp) but she didn’t find anything to suit her.  Wigs were pricey and didn’t afford her the opportunity to change her hair as much as she would have liked, bandannas were too informal, scarves were okay, but they didn’t always stay in place and hats weren’t always the best choice for the occasion!

Over the past few years I’ve shipped out over a dozen complimentary head wraps to patients throughout the country and Canada…. and in March of 2017 Head Wraps by GiGi were picked up by the Evelyn Lauder Breast Cancer Center and are being sold in their boutique in Manhattan, New York!

As a business, GiGi Carreras annually holds a women’s makeover and mini session where women who have experienced hair loss are treated to a day of pampering which includes a photoshoot, make-up application and a customized Headwraps by GiGi! Helping them to not only look good….. but also feel better!